Long Distance

W‘s beauty director is growing out her locks with these products.

Sally Herschberger and Jane Larkworthy

After a decade of sporting a politely medium-length crop, I’ve decided to go crazy and grow my hair out. The key to pulling it off: superhealthy locks. Happily, Valery Joseph, my hairstylist, is launching Long, a hair care collection for lengthy tresses. The 14 products, including Preserve Shampoo ($36, valeryjoseph.com), contain Smart Keratin, which helps repair split ends. It’s a compound that Sally Hershberger is also using, most notably in her Hyper Hydration Spray Serum ($13, ulta.com), a moisture-boosting spritz that leaves hair magically soft and swingy. Everyone knows that great strands start with strong roots, so I was thrilled to discover Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub ($50, beautyhabit.com). Robin told me that its mix of sea salt and conditioning ingredients alleviates scalp itch, but it also helps get rid of residual chemicals post-coloring. It felt so good on my head, I used it on my body too.