High Gear

Marc Jacobs, actress Amanda Setton, Peter Som and a host of muscular guys in tight shirts came out for the launch of Lorenzo Martone's new line of stylish street-ready bicycles.


What: The New York City launch of Martone Cycling Co., Lorenzo Martone’s new line of stylish street-ready bicycles.

Where: The Paramount hotel.

When: May 21

Who: Marc Jacobs, actress Amanda Setton, Aby Rosen and Samantha Boardman, Peter Som and a host of muscular guys in tight shirts roamed the perimeter of the hotel’s second floor, sipping champagne and admiring the bikes, which come in five colors, weigh only 26 pounds and sport a “MCC Duomatic” special two speed gear system with an automatic shift.

Why: “The idea came a year ago. I’ve been biking forever. I went to school in Paris and literally everyone rides a bike in France. And I moved here and I got a bike right away. And last year I moved to the West Village and I started putting my bike in the living room and I thought, Whoa it needs an upgrade. I collect mid century furniture. At this point I was just looking to buy a new bike that has more of an aesthetic that looks as good outside as it does inside. I started looking and didn’t find it and I thought, you know what? What if I start designing a city bike that I feel comfortable riding and is gonna look great inside my apartment?” said Martone. And no need to worry about packing an extra set of workout clothes. Thanks to the lower speed gear system, Martone insists you can still look chic post-ride. “I don’t want to go too fast because I don’t want to be sweaty because I’m wearing a suit and going to my office. The idea is you don’t want to change clothes to ride. I ride the gold one and I feel, like with accessories, it goes with everything.”

Photos: Carly Otness/