Your Guide to L.A.’s Hottest New Beauty and Wellness Treatments

A look at Los Angeles’ latest and greatest treatments from the city’s top skincare professionals.

Dr. Brandt

In 2019, it can be hard to keep up with every new beauty and wellness trend. Everyday, it seems like there is a new CBD this or hyaluronic acid that, making it difficult to cut out all of the noise and figure out what exactly is worth your time and money. However, if there is one thing you can count on, it’s that you can always look to Los Angeles for the most cutting-edge, celebrity-approved procedures and treatments that you’ll soon be hearing about everywhere. Want to know where to find the only green LED light in America? How about where to get a Victoria Beckham–approved facial? Here, read on for the very best beauty and wellness treatments that are currently all the rage in L.A.

Let’s Get Lit

What: The skin savant to the stars Lena Bratschi of Carasoin has landed the only Omnilux Green LED light in America. The coveted green light’s wavelength is 515 nm, making it more effective than its blue, red, and purple LED counterparts. The green light significantly reduces hyper pigmentation, dark spots, and broken capillaries with longer-lasting results. The treatment is first prepped with an in depth exfoliation and post green light, followed by an oxygen treatment to leave skin glowing and even toned. It’s no wonder that everyone from Rooney Mara to Caitriona Balfe flock to Bratshi. Where: Carasoin Day Spa & Skin Clinic in West Hollywood.

Worth Its Salt:

What: The prominent dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban’s top treatment involves a sandblast of alkaline Mediterranean sea salts that resurface your skin to give a vibrant and smoother texture. Called the Sonic Halite Salt Facial, this treatment far surpasses hydra or micro-dermabrasion in providing a smooth, glowing visage.Treatment is followed by a moisturized ultrasound wand supercharged with proprietary hyaluronic serums, a cold oxygen air blast, and LED phototherapy to rejuvenate collagen production, and cut down on inflammation for a faster recovery (and glowing skin).

Kaia Gerber’s Glow, Letitia Wright’s Silver Liner, and More of the Best Beauty Instagrams of the Week

Kaia Gerber shows off a luminous complexion. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Imaan Hammam rocks a glam gunmetal smokey eye. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Ariana Grande wears fluttery lashes. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Letitia Wright pairs slicked back hair with silver liner. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Sofia Richie sports a 60s-inspired eye. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Barbara Palvin poses in an all-natural look. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Duckie Thot takes Coachella in coordinating pink eyeshadow, lips, and nails. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Joan Smalls channels the early aughts in a pigtailed half-updo. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Karlie Kloss brings classic glamour in a red lip paired with a sleek side part. Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Shay Mitchell coordinates her eyeshadow to her lavender blazer. Photo courtesy of Instagram.


Where: Ava MD in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

Peel With a Punch:

What: Dr. Harold Lancer’s Caviar Lime Acid Peel is a treatment favorite of Victoria Beckham and Brie Larson. And what’s even better? You can do it at home. The triple action at home peel, made up of retinol, glycolic acid, and fruit enzymes significantly brightens and revives the dullest of complexions with an even skin tone. Bonus: the procedure won’t totally take over your schedule; the peel treatment is complete in just under one hour.

Where: Lancer Dermatology in Beverly Hills, and available on

CBD That’s Worth It:

What: The aesthetician and model favorite Kát Rudu’s luxurious CBD Calming Sanctuary Facial starts with a Coco Honey Papaya Enzyme Cleanser, followed by a crystal free DiamonTome microdermabrasion that preps the skin for the treatment’s main event: the Sanctuary Glow CBD Serum application. Infused with cannabidiol and hemp seed, the vitamin and mineral rich serum hydrates the skin with the highest quality natural ingredients. An ultrasonic wand next preps skin for a cooling oxygen CBD blast, followed by a hydrating mask to reap the benefits.

Where: Kát Rudu Skin Studio in Venice.