Jane’s Alter Ego

W’s beauty director sees herself in this chic clutch.

Lucie + Pompette Lucie Bag

When this cosmetics clutch first came across my desk, I squealed. An illustration a French girl with bangs, and her hair in a ponytail was scribbled on top. On one arm was a Kelly bag, as she walked her standard poodle with the other. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging, but in this case my excitement came from another place—she looked like me! (Well, aside from “girl,” “French” and, well, “Kelly bag.”) I had to see what was inside: five sheer lip glosses ($20 each), with only the barest hint of color, from pale coral to berry—perfect for little girls. Or a big girl who likes a natural lip, still has bangs and considers her dog her best friend.

Lucie + Pompette