Lupita Nyong'o has officially embarked on the press tour for Jordan Peele’s new deeply disturbing horror film Us—which is to say, of course, that Nyong'o has officially embarked on her latest run of red-carpet looks. This time, however, the emphasis isn't on her clothes or her hair, but something much less obvious: her irises.

For the most of the film, the eyes of Nyong'o's main character, Adelaide Wilson, are stricken with fear—though that's not to say that anyone on set noticed. According to the 36-year-old actress, when she and her costars switched over to portraying their characters' horrifying doppelgängers, "nobody wanted to look us in the eye. Everyone wanted to get away from us as quickly as possible."

Perhaps as revenge, or perhaps to put all that horror in the past, Nyong'o is leaning into the sight gag. Last week, she attended a screening of the film in London wearing a sequined gown by Aquazzura—and bloodred contact lenses to match. (Her doppelgänger is, after all, named Red.)

Us screening
Lupita Nyong’o wearing red contacts at a screening of *Us* in London in March 2019.

Ian West/PA Images/Getty Images

Then, on Wednesday, she showed up to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in New York City wearing a fresh new pair, apparently working her way through the rainbow. This time, she was a bit less color-coordinated: With her lipstick and sparkly lamé jumpsuit, by the label Bande Noir, her eyes stood out brighter than ever in light yellow, à la Jennifer Lawrence's character in X-Men, Mystique. Nyong'o also got a bit more creative with her Instagram of the look, which she captioned, "Keep your eyes Jordan Peeled." (At least until the film hits theaters on March 22.)

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Seeing Red. #UsMovie

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Then again, there might be a different reason Nyong'o has been changing up her eye color. Among the actors who've pulled the move in the past is one Jared Leto, who Nyong'o has on speed dial and apparently has quite the special relationship with.

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