Madame X is…quarantined. Or at least practicing social distancing.

No, not even Madonna is impervious to the isolation recommended to curb the spread of the coronavirus and the stir-crazy anxiousness that comes with it. Even though the queen of pop is staying at home (it seems to be her London abode, per her Instagram Stories) with her younger children and her 25-year-old backup dancer turned boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, the notoriously prolific artist isn't one to just chill and binge-watch. No, she's trying to stay creative.

On Instagram, she uploaded a video of herself in her bathroom singing a new, seemingly improvised version of her classic hit "Vogue." This time, however, the lyrics have been reworked to center on the idea of eating fried fish. "Because we're all out of pasta," Madonna sings.

"It's 3 a.m.—-cut me some slack, people," she wrote in the caption.

A hairbrush serves as her microphone. It's good to know that even someone who has continuously toured the globe as the premier pop star sometimes can't help but pick up a hairbrush for some bathroom-set karaoke.

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The lyrical rework is not Madge's only creative pursuit during these times of social isolation, though. She's also uploaded two installments of her "Quarantine Diaries."

Shot in black and white, the diaries show Madonna sitting in front of her typewriter (Coronamatic brand, as she points out) and types out missives that she then narrates over the footage.

"Madame X did not die in Paris," Madonna writes, apparently in reference to the recent cancelation of her tour due to injuries. "Her story continues under self-quarantine in honor and respect of COVID-19."

"Words and typewritten letters makes me feel alive—remind me that there are so many stories to tell and share with the world. After all, stories are all we have."

In the second installment, Madonna writes, "Artists are here to disturb the peace, but how shall I disturb it now?"

She then lists all the things she misses, including her older sons, horses, and interacting with people.

She briefly considers having a martini before realizing that alcohol suppresses the immune system.

"Lets hope that tomorrow is a better day," she says to herself. "Wait, it is tomorrow."

Honestly, Madame X has never been more relatable.

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