Australians In Film Host Screening Of "I, Tonya"

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Forming what could be The League Of Extraordinarily Beautiful Women Who Could Easily Kick My Ass, Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot are on their way to being best friends. They're also far and away the best things to ever happen to the DC universe, and if they ever want to go to the gym together, I really need an invite to that.

I, Tonya star Robbie, who played scientist-turned-fun-loving-villainess Harley Quinn in last summer's Suicide Squad, recently told People how moved she was this past summer seeing Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman on the big screen. "As soon as I saw Wonder Woman at the cinema, I immediately wrote to [Gal] and Patty [Jenkins, the film's director] and said how proud they had made me feel to be a woman in the DC universe... I sat there watching that movie, and not only was I engrossed in the film ’cause it’s a brilliant film, I thought, ‘I’m a woman in the DC universe and they right now have made me so proud to be there.’ So yeah, anytime I see Gal I wanna give her a big hug.'” I mean, same.

Separate from the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel (2 Suicide 2 Squad?), Robbie and her production company are developing their own Harley Quinn movie, and she wants the bat-wielding baddie to meet up with some female friends this time. "I want to see her with other women... I kept saying it while we were filming Suicide Squad. I was like, 'She needs her girlfriends,'" Robbie told MTV News.

Does that mean Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn could go head-to-head? Well, they definitely exist in the same universe (Wonder Woman knows Batman; Batman knows The Joker; The Joker is the one who turned Harley evil and is also her boyfriend), so, maybe! Honestly, we'd also watch a movie about these two grabbing brunch. Directed by a woman, of course.

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