Margot Robbie Still Sleeps With Her Favorite Childhood Toy, “Much To My Husband’s Dismay”

“He waits until I go to sleep and then he throws it out of the bed.”

Margot Robbie Reveals Her Favorite Childhood Toy
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From Harley Quinn to a female version of Patrick Bateman to the woman who “ends up ruining” the life of the Winnie the Pooh creator, Margot Robbie has played some truly terrifying characters on screen. And while obviously the actor is separate from the role, someone who can tap into the inner psyches of such creepy villains so perfectly has got to be just a little twisted, right? Like Sid from Toy Story twisted?

Wrong. As it turns out, the I, Tonya star did not, in fact, grow up Dr. Moreau’ing her Barbies. Instead, Robbie preferred something significantly cuddlier. As she reveals to W’s Lynn Hirschberg, Robbie’s favorite childhood toy is none other than her bunny. And it’s become such an indelible part of her life that she still keeps it around.

“I still sleep with my bunny,” she said. “Much to my husband’s dismay. He waits until I go to sleep and then he throws it out of the bed. And I get angry, and I’m like ‘Why is bunny on the floor? Don’t throw bunny on the floor.'” (Said bunny, by the way, is actually named “Bunny,” since Robbie “was like zero when I got it.”)

“He’s like, ‘Get rid of bunny, you’re 27,'” she added. Robbie also revealed that the notorious Bunny is the source of another loved one’s consternation. “Every time I go home my mom like steals her and tries to wash it,” she said. “Because bunny is filthy. It’s disgusting.”

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