Mariah Carey Subway Couture

Mariah Carey.

Is afraid consumers might mistake a Steve Madden $90 knockoff for the brand’s classic motorcycle bag. Takes the issue to court.

Bundchen, Gisele
The Brazilian bombshell is the new face of Chanel No. 5; was the only model on Forbes's World's Most Powerful Women. Smell a pattern?

Carey, Mariah
Rode the subway in a bright blue gown and metallic gloves; is unsurprisingly the first person to use the hashtag #subwayincouture.

Comey, Rachel
Disappoints Duane Reade and Jamba Juice fans, but delights style lovers by opening up a brick and mortar boutique in Manhattan.

Delevingne, Cecil
Fell through the floorboards at Mulberry’s headquarters. Survived.

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Dietrich, Marlene
The German actress’s iconic tuxedo is up for auction. On your mark, get set, go!

Ford, Tom
Prefers Rihanna’s selfies to official fashion reviews. The Instagram police, however, are less amused.

Kardashian, Kim
Oh, did you hear? The bride married Kanye West in Givenchy Couture.

Louboutin, Christian
Received an honorary degree from F.I.T. Well, that was easy.

The SNL character returns for a cameo in a T by Alexander Wang short film. Yes, you CAN have the Mango. And you will.

Opening Ceremony
Announced a collaboration with Brussels florist Thierry Boutemy that will include clothing, accessories, and, of course, fragrance. Sweet.

Perry, Katy
Made her way into the National Portrait Gallery, cupcakes included.

Tait, Thomas
Won the LVMH Young Fashion Designer prize. Congratulations!

Valli, Giambattista
Is set to launch ready to wear label called Giamba. Qt.

Willis, Scout
Stages topless Instagram protest. Rihanna approves.