Marques’Almeida Wins the LVMH Prize

And celebrates on social media.

Marques Almeida LVMH

To announce this year’s LVMH Prize, the company relied heavily on social media. The company revealed the winners in real time via Snapchat and Periscope, and contestants kept their followers on Instagram and Twitter updated with an ongoing stream of posts. Fittingly, the Prize’s winners Marques’Almeida‘s Marta Marques and Paolo Almeida are social media fiends themselves. “Every time we have some free moments during the day we are constantly scrolling down on Facebook and Instagram,” explains Marques. “It has became our way to relax a bit and keep an eye on what is going on outside our studio. In the beginning of each season we look through our phones and we all have so many print screens from social media that we end up using on our research and mood board!” Throughout the competition, Marques’Almeida posted behind-the-scenes shots of their work and utilized Instagram’s Layout app to add an artistic touch to their feed. And, of course, the duo posted a selfie shot of the star-shaped trophy to their shared account when they won. “We like to keep a close and friendly relationship with our clients and friends so we like to share these amazing moments with them!” says Almeida.

Photos: Marques’Almeida Wins the LVMH Prize