A Good Year

Martha Stewart hosts the launch of Dom Pérignon’s new 1998 vintage.

Scarlett Johansson

“This evening is otherworldly,” remarked Sarah Jessica Parker upon arriving at Martha Stewart’s East Hampton home on Saturday evening for the launch of Dom Pérignon’s newest vintage P2-1998. Under an overcast sky, a line of waiters holding trays of champagne functioned as a handsome step and repeat for guests like Harvey Weinstein, Reed Krakoff, and Scarlett Johansson as they entered the verdant front yard, which looked like an All-American oasis save for a mysterious geodesic dome that was tented on the green. Aerating the lawn with their stilettos, the well-heeled crowd, with glasses in hand, mused at what the spaceship might be. “I am hoping it’s a lot of 18-year-old Russian gymnasts, and maybe a huge hot tub, and I am thinking some oils and unguents and lots of Dom Pérignon,” offered actor Nathan Lane. “That sounds like a party to me.”

While there were no limber performers or waterworks inside the dome, a trippy immersive light show designed by artist Leo Kuelbs served as an intriguing introduction to a decadent dinner of caviar and fragrant tajine, courtesy of Stewart’s private chef Pierre Schaedelin. “Isn’t this champagne exquisite?” said the gracious hostess as she wove her way through the maze of long tables. Ushering guests into the backyard for a dessert of ice cream sandwiches and more bubbles, Stewart’s staff attended to last-minute minutia including a singular dead leaf, which the infamous perfectionist pointed out even in the candlelight. However, it was an unexpected visit from Stewart’s shaggy Chow Chow Genghis Khan that made the night feel complete.

Photos: A Good Year

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