Waiting for a show to start can feel like a slow form of torture. So how do fashion editors, after reading through the morning's WWD, make the time fly by? Turns out that our staff members are experts at multi-tasking. Treena Lombardo (below left) recharges her synapses doing a New York Times crossword puzzle. Shiona Turini (below right) amuses herself by listening to Lil Wayne on her iPod.

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The arts-and-crafts-loving Kathryn Typaldos (below left) makes friendship bracelets or decorates her nails with decals. Meanwhile, WWD's Antonia Sardone (below right) tries to squeeze in a few extra moments on the phone with her daughter, making sure the day's homework is complete.
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And for those who made it to Anya Hindmarch on Wednesday, mini puzzle
booklets were handed out to keep the fashion pack amused.

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