Meghan Markle’s BFF Jessica Mulroney Broke Her Silence to Slam the “Negativity” of the Media Coverage of the Duchess

Jessica Mulroney slammed the media's "negativity."

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Throughout Meghan Markle‘s life as a Duchess over the past year, her longtime BFF Jessica Mulroney has remained stoic, never delivering any public statements about the actress. Now, though, Mulroney has broken her silence in an effort to defend Markle against the tabloids’ constant barrage. Of course, Mulroney did so in such a poised way she didn’t even have to call out Markle by name.

When talking about how her own life has changed over the past year since Markle and Prince Harry tied the knot, Mulroney slammed the media’s “negativity,” which has affected her as well. Just after Markle’s recent baby shower in New York City—not to be confused with the one Kate Middleton is planning in the UK—Mulroney was the subject of a report by The Daily Mail that suggested the designer was off to a bad start at her new position as a fashion correspondent for Good Morning America. The gossip item suggested that Mulroney’s employer was upset because she was unwilling to talk about Markle in a public forum. Mulroney, however, has debunked that, telling Harper’s Bazaar, “It’s not journalism. There’s no truth to it.”

She then went on to talk about how toxic tabloid culture is, saying, “[If] they decide they want to ruin somebody, they just will.” At the same time, Mulroney has become used to the scrutiny from associating with Markle. “It comes with the territory,” she added. “There are so many benefits to certain things, but then also a lot of negativity that you have to deal with at the same time. You have to stay positive.”

One of the benefits that comes from her friendship with Markle these days is that her brand Nonie was “saved” from “shutting down” after Markle wore a trench coat dress from the line last July, as Mulroney revealed. “It’s tough to be a designer,” she said. “It is really tough to be a Canadian designer,”

Still, while she did divulge that news item, she was secretive about all other aspects of their friendship. “Listen, every person has to have a bit of privacy in their life. There are certain things I hold very dear and secret,” she said. “There are things I’ll never talk about for sure. My life is an open book, but there’s always a few secret pages in the back that nobody will be able to read.” If there weren’t any secrets to have to work to find out, would following the royals even be fun?