Meghan Markle Wants to Take Master Archie to Los Angeles, Because the Royals Are On the Move Again

Sun, surf, and paparazzi await.

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Pose With Their Newborn Son
WPA Pool/Getty Images

Meghan Markle’s pregnancy hardly prevented her from partaking in many activities during her and Prince Harry’s big trip down under late last year, and her newborn son is definitely not going to prevent her from planning big trips once more. As soon as they’re able, in fact, Meghan Markle wants to take infant Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to Los Angeles.

“For Meghan, it’s just as important for Archie to learn about her family history as it is for him to learn about his royal ancestors, so she plans to go on a trip to L.A. with him once she’s comfortable taking him on a plane,” a source told Us Weekly. It was, of course, impossible to resist describing how Markle is, somehow, breaking royal protocol by doing so, as she has done with everything from her wedding cake to her choice of obstetrician: She and Prince Harry decided to forego their son’s title, “Earl of Dumbarton” (which, honestly, might be a service to their newborn child, because we can only imagine how that would go over in the primary school classroom); and, as the source described, are giving equal priority to his American and British heritage. Big gasp. (Archie doesn’t automatically get to be a prince, due to the particulars of English succession law.)

And really, what could be better for Markle’s newborn than to take in some sun, surf, and avocado toast on the west coast? Having already vanquished one paparazzo armada, perhaps the royals can also take on Hollywood’s long lenses.

But, because men have everything in this life, Prince Harry was actually the first half of the royal couple to get to venture off into the unknown once more following the birth of his son. He went to Amsterdam (fun!), firmly advertising that he’s a daddy now. But that was just for a day: Now, he’s spending an entire night in Rome (even more fun!) for a charity polo match. Per E!, Harry departed for Rome on Thursday night for the Friday match. Team captain and professional polo player Nacho Figueras stood up for the prince, telling the site, “Sometimes duty calls and this is 24 hours away from the house—I think he’s doing just fine.” You heard it: Prince Harry, away from home for the first night since his son was born, doing fine.