Meryl Streep's Oscar-winning face continues to be prime meme fodder. After becoming immortalized in the hallowed halls of meme history for cheering on Debbie Reynolds at the 2015 SAG Awards (a moment she recreated at the 2018 Oscars), not to mention the countless Miranda Priestly GIFs that rule Twitter with an impeccably manicured fist, the iconic actress has once again spawned another meme—this time simply by emoting at the U.S. Open.

According to Time, it all went down during the men's final on Sunday between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martín del Potro. The cameras zoomed in on Streep's face during their super-intense match, and the results are absolutely priceless. ESPN and SB Nation described it best: Gasping with the suspense of it all, hands pressed against her cheeks, she was pretty much the IRL embodiment of the scream emoji, reproduced here: ?. Naturally, the internet couldn't get enough, and it pretty much took over Twitter for the duration of the match. (According to HuffPost, Streep soon became aware of herself becoming a meme in real time, and cracked open a cold one just for the cameras.)

Remarkably, this isn't the only Streep meme from this year, or even over the past month. Back in August, a picture from the Big Little Lies season two set took the internet by storm. Truly a work of art, it features Reese Witherspoon (in character as Madeline Martha Mackenzie) tossing a massive ice cream cone at Streep (who's playing Perry's mother). Oh, Meryl. Never stop.