Mia Goth Strips Down

The ingenue talks about her risqué methods.

Photography by Kenneth Willardt Styled by Samantha Traina

When Mia Goth auditioned for Lars von Trier’s films [Nymphomaniac Volume I and II](, she knew she would have to read in the nude for the director. “I was fine with that,” said Goth, who lives in Los Angeles (she’s the girlfriend of the tabloid darling Shia LaBeouf) and will appear in this year’s climbing epic Everest (out in September). “I did a little boogie around the room to give the nudity some character. For that role, I would have done anything. And my desire must have been clear, because I got the part!” Born in London and raised by her mother in Brazil, Goth, 21, is one of the current faces of Miu Miu and has the beauty of an enchanting alien child. For years, however, her style heroine was the retro-punky Amy Winehouse. “At 14, I was beehived out,” Goth confessed. “I’m glad there are no pictures!” Lately, Goth resists being pegged to a particular style. “I want to seem completely bare. Especially when I’m reading for a role. I want to reveal myself in the audition room. That’s where I’m happiest. I love the competition. Auditioning is like boxing: It keeps me hungry and intense, whether I get the part or not.”

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