For Michelle Williams, There’s a Louis Vuitton for All Occasions

The perks of being a Louis Vuitton girl.

Playwright and director Kenneth Lonergan’s third big-screen effort as a director, Manchester By the Sea, debuted to universal praise back in January at Sundance — and the film earned a massive $10 million deal from Amazon Studios. Now, nearly a year later, it’s on the cusp of its worldwide release, and its cast — a thoroughly mountain man-ified Casey Affleck, newcomers Anna Baryshnikov and Lucas Hedges, and a very elegant Michelle Williams — took to the red carpet Monday night for the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

In Manchester By the Sea, Williams plays Randi, the ex-wife of Lee Chandler (Affleck), who reappears in his life after he experiences a second great personal tragedy. (The first, at risk of giving too much away, is the one that drove them apart.) As the actress has traveled the world from London to Los Angeles with her film, she’s been accompanied by a wardrobe filled with Louis Vuitton, including a distinctive black-and-white dress from Nicolas Ghesquière’s imagination for the Los Angeles premiere.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton at the premiere of *Manchester By the Sea* in Beverly Hills, California, November 2016.


Who: Michelle Williams.

When: Monday, November 14.

Where: The premiere of Manchester By the Sea by Kenneth Lonergan with Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick, and Kyle Chandler in Beverly Hills, California.

What: A long-sleeved, ankle-length white dress with a black tie-waist by Louis Vuitton with a tiny, trunk-shaped black clutch, many ear cuffs by Repossi, and black sandals.

Why: There are some perks to being a Louis Vuitton brand ambassador. Creative director Nicolas Ghesquière churns out season after season of red carpet-ready looks with a bit of a bite. (Here, quite literally, there’s a bite taken out of Williams’s waistline.) This dress is slightly adapted from the runway look — it’s a bit simpler, without the shoulder cutout and gold staple details that ran throughout the Spring 2017 show. His designs blend a sporty edge — seen here in the dress’s jersey-like neck and sleeve hems — with something more elegant — a drop-waist, a ribbon tying off an asymmetrical detail. It’s perhaps subtler than Williams’s recent Governors’ Awards look, which just goes to show there’s a Louis Vuitton for all occasions.