Mick Jagger’s Dance Rehearsal Video Is Mesmerizing

Behold the legendary rock star’s latest dance rehearsal.

Rolling Stones Perform At Twickenham Stadium
Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images

Mick Jagger—one of the last great rock stars—is 75 years old. As Billboard reported, he had heart surgery just one month ago, undergoing a valve procedure in which doctors put in a stent to treat blockage and weakened arteries. The Rolling Stones had to postpone a tour due to Jagger’s health issues, and he clearly went through quite the ordeal.

He now looks amazing. We are pleased to report that Mick Jagger can very much still get it.

At 8:30 AM EST this morning, Jagger posted a video to his social accounts of a recent dance rehearsal. He wiggles and weaves and struts and makes “come and get it” motions in his inimitable way, never missing a step. He has far more energy than this blogger. You must watch!

Jagger’s moves (memorably immortalized in a Maroon 5 song) are the stuff of legend. Consider the way he swivels his head, the high knees, the confident rubbing of the torso. His dancing is hot!

In 2012, Jagger’s brother Christopher penned a piece for Rolling Stone chronicling Mick’s evolution as a dancer. His first-ever dance teacher was their mother. “Mum tried to teach me, and we waltzed around the living room to the strains of Victor Sylvester,” Jagger said. “He would be on the old Light Programme, giving instructions, and then we would trot around the room attempting the steps, with me trying not to tread on Mum’s toes.”

While Jagger certainly improved from his “hopeless” dancing as a preteen, the real spark came after watching Little Richard perform, and seeing a James Brown show at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. He never stops rehearsing. “You can’t have enough rehearsals,” he said. “It’s like a football team.”

Jagger’s non-dancing-related content is also pretty delightful.

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