Miroslava Duma is a walking counterargument to the notion that size matters. The petite founder of fashion news website Buro 24/7 is just as likely to cause a photographer pile-up as her taller well-turned out compatriots—and that’s even when Duma’s in flats. Here, the Russian editor shares her favorite toy shop in Moscow, her love of sweaters (those cold Russian winters…) and how her poor neck has suffered under the weight of her beloved sparkly necklaces.

Define your style in three words: Quirky eclectic experimental .

Daily Uniform: I’ve hated the word uniform since school, it was the only time when my fashion taste caused trouble. I was always punished for adding some extra details to a boring blue suit we all had to wear.

Greatest hits: I have a very special item in my wardrobe. Those are my granny's earrings, they used to belong to my mom as well. Small pieces of art , covered with semi-precious stones warm my heart every time I look at them. I would never trade them for huge 30 karat diamond earrings, because they remind me of two really important things: my family and that my granny rocks.

Preferred footwear: I remember myself in the past, when I was actually afraid of flat shoes. I thought the look was incomplete without high heels, but after giving birth to my baby I turned to flats for comfort, and I've got to say, they never let me down.

Finishing touches: For several seasons my favorite accessories have been necklaces. Although it has become a very popular trend nowadays, I feel like I can't go another day without a blingy burden on my neck. And I've definitely sacrificed my neck for this.

Nighttime look: I don't have a special nighttime recipe, but I guess I always put a pinch of creativity, a dash of comfort and a slice of glamour into my evening look.

Best recent discoveries: One of the best recent discoveries for me is definitely store applications of the best shops in the world on my iPhone. That means I will be able to find incredible Ferragamo stiletto shoes sitting at home with my child. That proves again that digital is our future, our everything.

Favorite stores: My favorite store is a book store in the centre of Moscow where you can borrow a book for a couple of hours and have a sip of tea in a traditional Russian samovar. At those rare moments I can switch off all my gadgets and cellphone and imagine that I could easily be one of the characters in Turgenev's book. But of course more creative than his famous Asya.

Style icons: Raisa Gorbacheva. Such a shame she was not appreciated by Russian people.

Last purchase: Two weeks ago I bought a suit and shoes by Loro Piana for my 2 year-old baby son. My husband has the very same suit and shoes. So when they dress up the same it makes me happy and everyone around smile!

Lusting after: Sweaters— the more the better. Especially for Moscow's winter with -30 degrees Celsius.

Favorite haunts: It was a big day for me when my parents took me to the GUM shopping center in the Red Square and legendary Moscow's "Kids World" from Soviet Union Times, a huge toy shop for children in the very center of the city, that is now unfortunately closed, where I always had traditional Russian ice cream whose taste I will never forget. When GUM was being renovated and "Kids World" closed I couldn't find it anywhere and thought that it would become a part of my childhood memories... nostalgia. Now I've found it in GUM and Gorky Park and if you ever come to Moscow, first thing you should do is go to GUM, buy an ice cream and have it on Red Square!

Fall must-haves: Sweaters again, prints, necklaces and little black bags by Ferragamo that look like Faberge eggs—they are fantastic!

Photos: courtesy of Duma