J’adore: Miss Piggy

Muppet diva Miss Piggy on her (non-Kermit) obsessions.


It’s been 12 years since Kermit and Co. appeared on the big screen. And, as we learn in the new comedy The Muppets, much has changed: Animal is now in anger management, Fozzie’s in a seedy tribute band, Gonzo is a plumbing magnate, and Miss Piggy—aka Mademoiselle Cochon—is a plus-size editor at French Vogue. But when the old Muppet Theater is threatened with demolition, the menagerie reunites, and Piggy doesn’t need much convincing to leave Paris for her beloved Kermie. Here, she reveals a few other things she’s mad for.

Zac Posen Originals “Dearest Zac created an absolutely stunning couture confection for moi to wear during the finale of The Muppets, and truth be told, this dress stole the show! After the show, moi stole the dress. Well, actually, when a star takes something home from a production, it is called a ‘gift’—at least that’s what my lawyer says.”

The Champs-Elysees “Rarely have I experienced such a frisson of delight as when I first strolled down the most fabulous boulevard in the City of Light. As a fashion editor at French Vogue, I naturally got to shop in each and every boutique along this most un-rueful of rues, and I loved every minute of it.”

Shoes “No one j’adores shoes more than moi. I could do this whole interview about nothing but shoes: high heels, flats, platforms, slingbacks, wedges, peep-toes, mules, clogs, ankle straps, ballet flats, espadrilles—not to mention the wide variety of just-plain-uncomfortable-but- wow-do-they-look-gorgeous footwear!”

Above: Giuseppe Zanotti suede and Swarovski Elements–embellished sandal; Christian Louboutin ponyskin clutch.

Leopard Print “Put moi in leopard print and I sizzle…I slither… I scintillate! In short, I look gangbusters! Of course, I would never wear real leopard—even though it has been said that I look better in that print than most leopards.”

Drive-Through Restaurants “I just discovered this! You pull up in your car (or have your driver do it for you), ask them for food, and they give it to you! Incredible, non?!”

Long Walks On The Beach “Actually, I can’t stand them—I hate the way the sand gets in everything. But it sure sounds romantic, doesn’t it?”

Miss Piggy: Scott Garfield © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved