Molly Bair Never Wears Makeup, Loves Eating Chocolate

The fresh-faced model shares her beauty secrets.

Molly Bair

After making her first appearance in W’s February 2015 story “La Clique, C’est Chic,” model Molly Bair hit the Spring 2015 Couture runway at Chanel and Giambattista Valli. Here, the rising star shares the tips she’s picked up backstage, her exercise regime, and skincare secret.

Define your look in three words: Alien, gremlin, baby.

5-minute routine: Brush teeth, make sure hair is not greasy enough to make people think that I’m homeless, throw some water on my face, make sure I don’t have a complete unibrow, and moisturize.

Never leave the house without: Chocolate. Beauty from the inside out: Giving back in any way you can.

Exercise regime: Running, tennis, or squash. Beauty essential: Water.

Skincare secret: Never wear makeup.

Hair remedy: A messy bun can hide any hair problem.

Bathtub read: Harry Potter.

Fragrance of choice: Air by Mother Nature.

Best advice from mom: Don’t over-tweeze your brows.

Best advice from the pros: Never forget to moisturize, use sunscreen.

Beauty icons: The artist formerly known as Prince, Angelina Jolie.