Vampire Weekend: Move! Takes Over PS1

Vampires and zombies cruised the halls of MoMA PS1 this weekend. Appropriately timed with Halloween, Visionaire’s Cecilia Dean and journalist, David Colman, teamed up to organize Move!, a two-day event featuring collaborations in art...


Move!,]( a two-day event featuring collaborations in art and fashion. “We had seen some nice art/fashion pairings,” said Coleman, “but we wanted to really push it and make something fun, engaging and interactive.” The result was a weekend of performances and installations, spread throughout PS1’s three floors, from a series of high-profile duos, including Marc Jacobs and Rob Pruitt, Cynthia Rowley and Olaf Breuning, Proenza Schouler and Dan Colen, and Rodarte and Brody Condon, just to name a few.

Occupying much of the top floor was Cynthia Rowley and Olaf Breuning’s aptly titled “Carrie.” In lieu of pig’s blood, carefully chosen shades of metallic paint were poured, by Breuning, onto the heads of denim-clad models. The designer, who created one hundred pieces for the event, explained, “denim is the perfect blank canvas for fashion, just as canvas is the perfect canvas for art. This piece explores the creative process from both the fashion side and the art side in the most basic way.” Colman, wrapped in several towels post paint bath, enjoyed how “the tension between art and fashion really came through in this project- the designer creates something beautiful and the artist is dropping paint on it and altering it.” Following each splattering of color, the garments were removed from the models and hung carefully together. The last step will occur outside of PS1: “We are going to sell these pieces after this in order to finish the process of creation,” said a surprisingly paint-free Rowley. “Its important to let others enjoy them.”

Paint-splattered garments from Cynthia Rowley/Olaf Breuning, “Carrie.”

In an even messier room downstairs was the weekend’s most interactive event, led by CHERYL, the Brooklyn-based video and performance collaborative known for their killer dance parties. Paired with American Apparel, the crew created “The Makeover You Never Knew You Wanted,” a combination salon/photoshoot/dance party with the sole mission, as they put it, to “Cherylize their audience.” Viewers were invited to change into tan American Apparel tanks, indulge in glittery manicures (not to mention face paint and hair extensions) and have their pictures taken in the CHERYL photo studio. Outfitted in cat masks and bloody tees, the artist trio barely stopped dancing, infusing the crowd with a contagious energy. The meaning may not have been much deeper than dress-up and dance, but by the looks of the glitter soaked floors and unrecognizable faces, PS1 did, in fact, get Cherylized for Halloween.