Good Evening, Mr. Holmes

Inside the film’s New York Premiere

Laura Linney and Ian McKellen

What: The New York premiere of Mr. Holmes

When: Monday, July 13th

Where: The Museum of Modern Art, followed by an afterparty at Southgate

Who: The film’s stars Ian McKellen and Laura Linney were joined by actor George Takei, filmmaker David Chase, designer Carolina Herrera, costume designer William Ivey Long, and actress Elvy Yost, amongst others.

Why: The film, which premieres July 17th, tells the story of what happened to Sherlock Holmes after he retired—and we’re not talking about golf in Boca Raton.

Photos: Good Evening, Mr. Holmes

Laura Linney and Ian McKellen. Photo by Startraks.

Carolina Herrera. Photo by Startraks.

Christian Slater. Photo by Startraks.

Brad Takei and George Takei. Photo by Startraks.

Elvy Yost. Photo by Startraks.

William Ivey Long and Cornelia Guest. Photo by Startraks.

Dana Fuchs. Photo by Startraks.

Laura Michelle Kelly and Lena Hall. Photo by Startraks.