Accepting the "Best Kiss" award for the ferris wheel moment in Love, Simon at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Keiynan Lonsdale (also of The Flash) inadvertently won another award: best dressed.


Screencap from MTV livestream

He was wearing a look that might be described as, What if a glamorous eagle went to a ball at Hogwarts? Lonsdale wore an embroidered gold jacket-robe over a white skirt and gold tunic. Oh, and he had a bedazzled eye in the middle of his forehead accentuated by gold leaf!

Onstage presenting the award, 13 Reasons Why actress Alisha Boe couldn't hide her surprise at all the shine.

Plenty of stars have debuted eye-catching looks on MTV red carpets, but usually they skew daring for the women and jokey or just plain DGAF casual for the men. To see 26-year-old Lonsdale embracing a gender-bending and unabashedly fabulous look while accepting an award for such an inspiring teen movie is both the actor taking it seriously, while also having his fun.

Lonsdale attended the awards with his friend and manager Matt Reyes, who opted for a more traditional but still very chic ensemble. I mean, you can't outshine the sun.

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It'll be exciting to see what this actor does next. And it will be very exciting to see what he wears next.

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