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2017 is the year of the revival, and MTV's TRL is that latest staple of the early aughts to rise from the dead.

According to The New York Times, a revamped version of TRL (a.k.a Total Request Live) will return in October to its signature Times Square studio (and possibly the Times Square plaza, where screaming fans would hold signs for hours just waiting for their favorite artist to glance out the studio window).

The new version of TRL will run for one hour, though it could potentially stretch to two or three hours per day if it's successful, says MTV president Chris McCarthy. "It’s the right route," he told the Times. "When you talk to artists and they say to you, unaware of what we’re doing, can you bring back TRL? We’d be crazy not to reinvent that."

The original show ran from 1998 to 2008 and was the network's centerpiece, featuring the day's newest music videos and hottest artists. It's the avenue through which Carson Daly rose to fame, though the Voice host will not be returning to his alma mater. Instead, there will be five relatively unknown new hosts (no word on whether they'll be referred to as veejays — shorthand for video jockeys — as they were originally called).

TRL is not the only series that MTV has dug up from the past. Wild N Out and Fear Factor have both gotten reboots (starring Nick Cannon and Ludacris as hosts, respectively), and so has My Super Sweet Sixteen. MTV also recently launched Siesta Key, which many are referring to as a Florida-based cousin of Laguna Beach.

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So now, get ready for a whole new generation of fans to be racing home from school to catch TRL on MTV (not to mention those of us who will be racing home from work to watch).

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