A MAD House

The Museum of Art and Design and Valentino threw a Monte Carlo-themed party in New York.

Sebastian Erraruriz, Sofia Sanchez de Betak, and Glenn Adamson

On Wednesday night, the Museum of Art and Design took over the historic Harold Pratt House for their second annual young patrons gala, this year hosted by Valentino. Embracing the evening’s Monte Carlo theme, well-heel wunderkinds like Sofia Sanchez de Betak and Claire Distenfeld arrived at the mansion decked out in sheer, floor-length gowns accompanied by their equally dapper dates. The Neo-Georgian mansion’s wood-paneled parlors were transformed into a 1960s-era casino for the occasion, and guests had the opportunity to win artworks by talents like Nir Hod and Kelly Lamb over craps and sips of Campari. While he didn’t have much to lose, the night’s handsome honoree, designer Sebastian Erraruriz, was willing to wager more than his share of faux chips. “I am willing to bet that this museum is going to be the spearhead for the art and design community for the next couple of decades,” said Erraruiz. “It’s smaller, it’s leaner, and that’s going to enable it to move faster.”

The black-tie affair’s intimacy echoed Erraruiz’s comments as well as those of director Glenn Adamson, who cast the intuition as a kind of family. “The museum is people. To have them all in one room is very special.” Looking around at the cluster of young tastemakers like Alexandra Chelma and Sophie Oakley, a bright future for the design museum seemed like a sure bet.

Photos: A MAD House

Sebastian Erraruriz, Sofia Sanchez de Betak, and Glenn Adamson. Photograph by

Erin Fetherston. Photograph by

Giovanna Battaglia, Maria Giulia Maramotti, and Bettina Prentice. Photograph by

Ricardo D’Almeida Figueiredo, Athena Calderone, Edgardo Osorio, Laura de Gunzburg, and Claire Distenfeld. Photograph by

Tali Lennox. Photograph by

Casey Fremont Crowe and Doreen Remen. Photograph by

Yana Balan, Michael Avedon, and Polina Proshkina. Photograph by