Kendall Jenner created waves in last month when she made controversial comments in an interview about walking in way fewer shows than other models, many of whom still make significantly less money than Jenner. This week, Naomi Campbell, who was one of several supermodels to completely revolutionize that career path in the 1980s and '90s, put in her own two cents on the matter. And by "two cents," I mean she literally said two words and offered up the most withering look ever broadcast on television.

The moment came on Wednesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, when Naomi and fellow guest Cuba Gooding Jr. were taking fan questions. As host Andy Cohen read, one fan had written in to ask Naomi "your views on Kendall Jenner being the highest-paid model while saying she cherry-picks her jobs and could never do 30 shows in a season." As soon as the words left Cohen's mouth, Campbell looked straight into the camera and quipped, "Next question," all while giving off the most shade-filled stare of all time. Guess we know how she feels about that!

Later on in the show, though, Campbell clarified that she's more than happy to talk in length about other up-and-coming models. When Andy asked about her relationship with Kaia Gerber, who often refers to Campbell as "Auntie," Campbell smiled and said, "She's adorable. I'm very proud of Kaia." She went on to recall the time that she, Gerber, and Kaia's mom, Cindy Crawford, all met up at the late designer Azzedine Alaïa's house to discuss the 17-year-old's career. "We sat on the kitchen table and we just went through all the shows she should do and shouldn't do at the moment — 'cause she's a baby, she can get to them — and she has followed everything," Campbell said, adding once again, "Very proud of her."

And for the record, Campbell has thoughts on more than just the modeling industry. On WWHL, she was also asked about the now-infamous tussle between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at a recent Fashion Week party held by Harper's Bazaar. "It was called the Icon Party, but there were no icons there," she quipped of the feud, adding that, in fact, she'd been "at home on the couch watching TV" with her pal Kate Moss when it all went down. Overall, Naomi said, "I was disappointed. I don't wanna see women of color fight. I don't wanna see women fight, period. So, not there, not that. It's all music, you know, there's no division in music. And music is for everybody, there's no discrimination, so I felt very disappointed."

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