Style Notes: Love Sisters

Los Angeles natives Nathalie and Laura Love grew up with certain shared style predilections: a penchant for delicate jewelry, a love of Converse sneakers, and a shared admiration for their friend Dylan Kawahara’s cool...


Daily uniform: My black jeans or a dress with my denim jacket—and flats.

Greatest hits: My Rick Owens leather jacket, a vintage Karl Lagerfeld gown, and my Timberlands from the early Nineties.

Preferred footwear: Ballet flats.

Finishing touches: A gold chain with charms I’ve collected since birth, friendship bracelets, lots and lots of gold rings stacked on top of each other, and my Mulberry bag.

Nighttime look: My dancing shoes.

Best recent discovery: Wi Spa in Los Angeles.

Favorite stores: Silverlake Cheese and Wine Store.

Style pet peeve: Bad men’s shoes.

Style icons: My best friends Gia Coppola and Dylan Kawahara. Dylan’s going to design my wedding dress one day.

Last purchase: An antique wooden bed frame.

Lusting after: A trip to Africa with my boyfriend.

Favorite haunts: The Huntington Gardens in San Marino, California.

Winter wish list: The Row’s animal-print coat, some cashmere tights, a cup of hot chocolate, and a ski lift.

Daily uniform: Skinny jeans, Converse, and my Steven Alan jacket.

Greatest hits: My new Juan Carlos Obando pink gown and my new black Miu Miu heels.

Preferred footwear: Converse.

Finishing touches: Gold Jennifer Mayer wishbone ring and my gold “Love” Jennifer Mayer stud.

Best recent discovery: Valley Nails on Elizabeth and Spring Streets, Friday Night Lights, and Soulcycle.

Favorite stores: Steven Alan and Diptyque on Madison and 76th Street.

Style pet peeve: Ugg boots and shorts.

Style icons: Dylan Kawahara.

Last purchase: Tazo ‘Zen’ tea and pink Peonies.

Lusting after: Gold hoops.

Favorite haunts: My apartment, Rubirosa, Bowery hotel, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Winter wish list: Tickets to the Jay-Z and Kanye West show and cashmere socks.