Imagine This: Surreal Fragrances to Shop Now

The surrealists were all about the chance encounter of, say, an umbrella and a sewing machine on an operating table. These fragrances conjure their own pleasantly surprising mash-ups. Here, the delightful new scents to add to your vanity this fall.

Imagine This: Surreal Fragrances to Shop Now

Josephine Schiele

An herbalist eating fresh figs in a lean-to on the Appalachian Trail.

A socialite clipping sprigs of broom flower outside Portofino, Italy.

A woman in a Le Smoking at 3 a.m. in a head shop in the Haight in San Francisco.

An intern eating raspberry sorbet in the Kennedy Rose Garden.

Princess Kate chopping fresh basil in an orange grove.

An open cedar chest filled with peaches and balsam fir branches.

Crème brulee for two shared in the library after dinner at the Harvard Club.

Liquid amber trickling through stacks of chopped wood piled neatly against a cottage in the Black Forest.

A bowl of freshly cut apples ready for breakfast on the terrace of a Tuscan villa.


A rain-soaked batch of violets discarded on a mossy hilltop at dawn.

A young couple bringing lemon tarts home on a foggy morning in the Marais.

A fresh mimosas spilling into the sand during brunch at the beach.

Batches of lavender peeking through pine cones along a wooded path.

A recently discarded Violet candy wrapper sitting next to a cup of freshly pressed carrot juice.

Kendall Jenner ordering a bottle of black cherry soda from room service at The Hotel Costes after a night out with her friends in Paris.

A group of hikers sipping ginger tea with lemon as they soak in an Icelandic hot spring lagoon.

A painter treating herself to a scoop of orange sorbet while assessing her almost-completed work in her sunlit loft.

A debutante dressed in a velvet de la Renta gown wearing a wrist corsage of iris and black orchid.

A vendor opening her stall at Covent Garden while sipping on a cup of cocoa.

An intern at the Metropolitan Museum of Art heading out for a late dinner in her new leather jacket after a very long first day.