New York After Dark

Social regulars enjoyed a memorable evening at the Four Seasons.

MCNY-Fall-2013-Helen Schifter

What: The Director’s Council of the Museum of the City of New York’s New York After Dark party, sponsored by Graff and Oscar de la Renta.

Where: The Pool Room of the Four Seasons, where the famous “pool,” surrounded by dozens of candles, looked like a romantic (and oversized) bathtub.

When: Tuesday, October 8

Who: Men in chalk-striped suits, many sans ties (per the invite’s directive) and women in tasteful cocktail dresses and jackets. Social regulars like Christine Schwarzman, Jennifer Creel, Somers Farkas, and Susan Gutfreund showed their support.

Why: In addition to raising funds for the museum, the evening honored Director’s Council chairmen Calvert Moore and Burwell Schorr for their efforts and included a tribute to the late Cynthia Lufkin, a philanthropist who died this summer (her husband Dan Lufkin accepted the award for her). “[She was] always more interested in others than herself and she never changed in all those years [I knew her] in a town where people often change,” remarked her friend Mark Gilbertson.

Photos: New York After Dark

Helen Lee Schifter and Dori Cooperman

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/

Calvert Moore, Dan Lufkin, and Burwell Schorr

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/

Brooke Harlowe and Celerie Kembel

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/

Frances Schultz and Nina Griscom

Photo: Nicholas Hunt/