Borrowed From the Boys

What can women’s wear gain from Men’s Fashion Week?

Thaddeus O'Neil Spring 2016

In an age where gender is fluid and fashion is increasingly unisex, there’s no reason why women can’t do their Spring 2016 shopping from the New York Fashion Week: Men’s runways. Here, 5 tips for taking it from the boys.

Find Your Uniform Thom Browne kicked of fashion week with a lineup of nearly identical gray suits, which multiplied infinitely in a floor-to-ceiling mirrored cube. If you’re going to wear the same thing every day, your look should be tailored to perfection, or have the signature cool of Public School.

Lighten and Loosen Up Duckie Brown and Tim Coppens’s loose fitting, drawstring pants proved that a little tailoring and the right fabric can make even sweats or scrub-like silhouette look elegant. Also, invest in a mesh t-shirt.

Embrace Neutrals Billy Reid’s collection was equally lightweight, but it wasn’t just his attention to material that made the collection standout—a neutral color palate was a breath of fresh air for the Southern designer. “This is the first time in many shows that we’re showing any black. It was like we were scared to show it,” he admitted backstage. “Why should you get hammered for selling neutrals? They look great on people and they sell well. We infused color where it was needed, not just for the sake of putting color.”

Get Weird Whether you’re a Thaddeus O’Neil vampire bro, or an apron-wearing Engineered Garments guy, wear it loud and proud. The right people will notice, which in this case is probably a street style photographer.

Socks Are Important It seems obvious, but socks can make or break a look. Robert Geller’s half-socks with sandals, for example, gave his collection a new, modern edge. Ladies, take note.

Photos: Borrowed From the Boys

Thom Browne “the officeman, 2015.” Photo by Getty Images.

Duckie Brown Spring 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Billy Reid Spring 2016. Photo by Getty Images.

Thaddeus O’Neil Spring 2016. Photo by Monet Lucki.

Robert Geller Spring 2016. Photo by Getty Images.