Cécilia Sarkozy flanked by her stepsons, Jean and Pierre

France’s glamorous first lady, Cécilia Sarkozy, may have fled the Elysée Palace, but President Nicolas Sarkozy has wasted no time recruiting some alluring stand-ins: his handsome blond sons from a previous marriage. Pierre, 22, and Jean, 20, are taking their turns in the public eye; most notably, they accompanied Sarkozy on a recent state visit to Morocco, charming crowds with their glossy, shoulder-length hair. Pierre dabbles as a hip-hop producer, and both boys are in law school, but that hasn’t helped Jean wiggle out of a scandal that dates back to 2005. He had a December court date to answer accusations that he crashed his scooter into a BMW and left the scene—after giving the driver an obscene gesture.

Image: Cecilia and Pierre Sarkozy: Maxppp/Yoan Valat/Landov; Jean Sarkozy: Marc Susset-Lacroix/Wireimage; Wings: Raymond K. Gehman/National Geographic/Getty Images