Nigma Talib: Beauty Guru

The cult-followed British facialist makes her way to America.

Nigma Talib

A text from a Saudi princess: “Can I eat this?” A message from a British actress who needed to look 10 years younger for a role: “I just got carded!” This is daily correspondence for Nigma Talib N.D., the London-based naturopath-slash-facialist and clinical director of holistic medicine at Body Works West in Notting Hill, whose approach to medicine and beauty has earned her an elite global following. She won’t name names, but reports have linked the dewy-complexioned 42-year-old doctor to Monet Mazur and Sienna Miller, among others. Now, at the nagging of her American clients, Talib has begun making monthly visits to Manhattan’s Center for Balanced Health, where she performs her “nonsurgical facelift” facials. She created the technique four years ago, incorporating sapphire microdermabrasion; an LED-light therapy developed by NASA (yes, that NASA); Swiss-sourced botanical gels she formulated; and Intraceuticals’s hyperbaric oxygen delivery system. If this sounds like a lot, it’s not, she insists. “You suffer 70,000 free-radical attacks a day,” Talib says. “You can’t just take supplements and expect your skin to be optimal. You have to work on the inside and the outside.” (