Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal in hair and makeup. Photo by Biel Parklee.

On Monday afternoon, the Dutch model and Sports Illustrated cover girl Nina Agdal was getting her make-up done in Miami Beach for W's first Boomerang photo shoot. It seemed as good a time as any to ask the 23-year-old to hold court on the ins and outs of her beauty routine. One word of advice: throw out that lip gloss.

Your look in three words:
Fresh, dewy, natural.

Five-minute routine:
Wash my face with water, pat dry, apply sunscreen, rosewater spray, lip scrub, lip balm.

Never leave the house without:
My passport since I never know if my next stop will be the airport. And Eos lip balm. Ain't nobody got time for crusty lips.

Exercise regime:
At least 45 minutes exercise, five to six times a week. If I have time, one hour of cardio work with my trainer or at Tone House and an hour of Y7 Yoga or SLT.

Nutritional lifesaver:
Lunchables, just kidding. I love Lunchables though. Non-fat greek yogurt. It's an easy quick snack and keeps me full.

Beauty essentials:
Rosewater spray, sleep, H20, happiness.

Skincare secret:
Keep your face clean. I don't believe in using too many products. I think that confuses your skin.

Hair remedy:
Skip the shampoo once in a while and try not to wash it too often.

In-tub must-read:
People Magazine? I don't read books, yet.

Spa-cation at:
The Standard Spa, Miami Beach.

Fragrance of choice:
Chance by Chanel.

Best advice from mom:
My mom actually arranged for all my friends and I to have a make-up tutorial when we first started wearing makeup. That way we learned how not to do our makeup.

What was the takeaway from the make-up crash course?
Use eye shadow instead of eyeliner to make the look softer.

Best advice from the pros:
Highlighter and a clear brow gel. Easy and makes a big difference.

Beauty icons:
Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Helena Christensen.

Beauty motto:
Don't overdo it. If you're doing a strong lip, keep the eyes simple, and the other way around. And throw out your lip gloss.