Norma Kamali

Norma Kamali’s latest obsessions.


From sweatshirt dressing—she introduced it long before Jennifer Beals leaped through Flashdance in that cutoff top—to selling her clothes online, which she started doing way back in 1996, Norma Kamali has always stayed ahead of the curve. No surprise, then, that the designer, 66, showed her spring collection in a 3-D film inspired by Werner Herzog’s recent documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams. “All I could concentrate on were the clothes—they just popped off the screen,” she recalls. With the launch of a 3-D-enabled shopping site, fans can check out her pieces while wearing chic 3-D glasses ($250)—and the lenses can be updated with regular ones. Here, a few other things she fancies.

OLIVE OIL I carry a small bottle with me. I use it as dressing; I take a swig of it once or twice a day as a cleanse; I wash my hands with it; I use it as massage oil. And it certainly can be a safe lubricant.

SIRI I regard my iPhone as the third best thing in my life, after my loved ones. Siri takes you beyond what you thought was even possible.

IMELDA MAY I was blown away by this Irish musician. She has great style and a huge personality. My favorite songs are “Big Bad Handsome Man,” “Johnny Got a Boom Boom,” and “All for You.”

THE JUICE PRESS This is my second full year of eating only nonprocessed foods, and I love the way I feel. I also love Juice Press cofounders Marcus [Antebi] and Alain [Palinsky]. Everything they make is delicious and keeps me lean and mean. And their Ginger Fireball is a great cold killer.

ACUPUNCTURE FACELIFTS FROM DR. JINGDUAN YANG I have these facelifts weekly, and they make me look like I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Additionally, they have a positive effect on organs and circulation.

RESTORE FRAGRANCE FROM INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS After Horst M. Rechelbacher sold Aveda, he created this line of organic beauty products made from plants and herbs he grows on his farm in Wisconsin.

GYROKINESIS It’s a form of exercise in which you do a series of circular movements that open your spine and really stretch you out. I go as often as I can, usually to a place in SoHo called Movement & Beyond.

CONTEMPORARY CHINESE ART I went to China recently and was so impressed with the art and how bold it is. I took a lot of pictures, and I keep going back to them—especially Jin Yu’s “Touch Point” images, which I saw at the Opposite House hotel in Beijing.