Riccardo Tisci and North West.

Riccardo Tisci and North West. Kim Kardashian posted this photo on Instagram. #NewStylist

Reportedly declined L’Oreal’s offer. Not ready for her close-up.

Anderson, Wes
Made yet another short film in collaboration with Prada.

Avery, Sean
Is now engaged to model Hilary Rhoda. (Deciding which fashionable half to categorize here was a tough one.)

Beckham, Victoria
The crown she wore to marry David will be sold at auction. Reminds everyone she was married in a crown.

Gevinson, Tavi
Gets her model on for Cole Haan; reminds everyone that she's not just some twelve-year-old blogger anymore. She's a serious seventeen.

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Gunn, Tim
Will have his own competition show on Lifetime. Puts the final stone on Project Runway’s coffin.

Jacobs, Marc
Reveals that he is really, really happy post-Louis Vuitton, you guys. Really.

Jones, Rashida
Has collaborated with Dannijo on a new collection. Wishlist ready.

Kloss, Karlie
Managed to overshadow the entire Victoria’s Secret fashion show by showing underboob at the after party.

Lady Gaga
Wore a flying dress, landed Versace’s spring campaign. No news here.

Marant, Isabel
Finally hits stores. Sells out instantly. Duh.

Moss, Kate
May be joining Naomi Campbell on The Face. Those who model together, stay together. Even on reality TV.

Perry, Katy
Wears an engagement ring, while reassures fans she is not engaged in a search for post-Prism press.

Testino, Mario
Joins Instagram. The gang's all here!

West, North
Strikes a pose with Riccardo Tisci. Unfortunately, not in a custom Givenchy onesie.

Westwood, Vivienne
Will be releasing a memoir in October 2014. Rock on.

Zoe, Rachel
"Accidentally" reveals the gender of her second child. With balloons. Oopsies!