Odacité of Hope

The organic line debuts a new collection of beauty boosters

Odacité Pure Elements Serum Concentrates

The California-based organic skin care line, Odacité (a homonym for audacity), was launched in 2009 by Valérie Grandury when clients of her life-coaching business began requesting their own bottles of the serums and creams she was mixing for herself. Grandury had started whipping up the potions five years earlier, after her breast cancer diagnosis, with the goal of making skin care as fresh and wholesome as healing foods. Today, her fans include celebrity makeup artist Dotti—the woman Alicia Keys and Beyoncé call when they want to get gorgeous and glowing. Odacité’s newest collection, Pure Elements, consists of 18 super-concentrated face oils meant to be added to moisturizer a few drops at a time. The oils are organized by a clever periodic table of skin issues, treating dryness, sensitivity, sagging, and even acne. Audacious indeed.