Olympia of Greece Loves Swimming, Doesn’t Wear Perfume

The princess-model shares a page from her beauty notes.

Vionnet Demi-Couture, Olympia of Greece

Princess Olympia of Greece, who models fall’s finest couture in W’s October 2014 story “Artful Living” alongside Kendra Spears, is just like any 18-year-old when it comes to her beauty routine. Here, the model shares the advice her mother Crown Princess Marie-Chantal has given her, her skincare secret, and favorite moisturizer.

Beauty essential: Lots of sleep.

Skincare secret: I’m obsessed with Dr. Lancer in L.A.

Manicure or pedicure: Both.

Exercise regime: I just got a gym membership, so I’ll start this week.

Spinning or swimming: Swimming in Greece.

Best advice from mom: She always told me to never go out looking like a slob since you never know who you’ll bump into.

Best advice from the pros: Relax.

Necessary splurge: Handbags… I just love handbags.

Drugstore favorite: American toothpaste when in the U.S.

Spa treatment__: __ Eve Lom facial by Eve Lom at the Sanderson.

Fragrance of choice: I don’t wear perfume, just Amazing Grace by philosophy cream.

Beauty icons: Linda Evangelista.— I just love her.