Opera Chic: Five new fab Milan destinations

Over the past few months, Milan's been booming with a new cache of stylish destinations that would keep even the most jaded fashionista placated. New stores and hotels have popped up everywhere, with another wave...


Maison Moschino: Corso Como, the small stretch of closed-to-traffic cobblestone street that boasts Milan’s trendiest clubs (Hollywood, Tocqueville) and stores (Eral 55, Boule de neige, Carla Sozzani’s 10 Corso Como) welcomes its newest neighbor, Moschino’s fashion hotel, which just opened in the middle of Fashion Week last Friday. The first hotel in Milan designed by a fashion label, Maison Moschino offers sixty-five rooms (starting at 250 euros) in 16 assorted, modern styles. There’s also an in-house restaurant, Clandestinò — if you can’t get a reservation at Corso Como’s Cucina Le Langhe! Viale Monte Grappa 12.

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