Kenzo Model Oslo Grace Walked in Women’s and Men’s Looks in Fall 2019 Show

And closed out the entire show.

Kenzo : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2019-2020
Kristy Sparow

The highlight of Kenzo‘s fall 2019 presentation in Paris wasn’t just the clothes; it was nonbinary model Oslo Grace, who wore multiple looks within the span of one show. In just a matter of minutes, Grace changed from a striking pink suit with side-swept bangs and a no-makeup look as part of the menswear offerings to lavender eye makeup that complemented the fringe-laden pink dress from the womenswear that they wore to close out the show.

After the show, Grace shared their looks from the runway, along with a thank-you note to Kenzo designers designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim. “Today I had the unbelievable privilege of closing the Kenzo show walking with the women, not four minutes prior having walked with the men,” Grace wrote. “One gathering, two shows, two looks, one quickchange, two sprints, an entire production team ready backstage to make the genius that was @humberto ? @carollim @kenzo idea work. thank you for having me back a second time and for making a statement that fashion is whatever you make it to be- these moments are fleeting but oh so special. thank you endlessly!”

Kenzo didn’t comment directly on having Grace star in their fall 2019 show, though the brand did say that the entire production and collection is part of “progressive messaging for the brand.” The show took place, the brand stated in a press release, at a “time when cultures are crossing more than ever and allowing people to spread more personal messages.” Meanwhile, the clothes “celebrate open dialogue about what fashion can provide to viewers.”

If Grace looks familiar that’s because they were the breakout star of Gucci‘s fall 2018 presentation when they toted that internet-favorited baby dragon down the runway. Grace has since walked for the likes of Armani and Courrèges. After those shows, last November, Grace talked about their approach to modeling and why they usually appear in either womenswear or menswear. “I usually present very binary on the runway because runways aren’t usually nonbinary,” they told Refinery 29, after sharing that “Nonbinary is sort of an umbrella term underneath transgender that means I’m somewhere in between the binary of a girl and a boy. I feel like I am a mix of the two, which makes me nonbinary.” Hopefully in the wake of Grace’s Kenzo appearances there will be many more nonbinary opportunities to present.

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