Always Wear Test Your Jeans

And other lessons from denim designer Paige Adams-Gellar.

Paige Adams-Gellar

Denim designer Paige Adams-Geller got her start in the fashion industry as a fit model—which means she knows a thing or two about comfortable, flattering clothes. In 2004, she launched an eponymous collection of jeans, keeping her experience in mind. Now, after a decade in the business, her brand is still all about that great-fitting denim. Here, she shares her favorite jeans of all time, her love of Kate Moss’s effortlessly chic look, and the secret to a perfect fit.

Why do you love denim? My initial thought in designing denim was to perfect what I had become an expert in, great-fitting jeans. The idea was to launch a denim brand from a female perspective, since many other premium denim brands were founded and designed by men. Once I started, I quickly became obsessed with how diverse denim is – whether it’s coated to look like leather, washed down to vintage perfection, studded, embroidered… the list goes on.

What’s the secret to that perfect fit? My secret to creating the perfect pair of jeans is wear testing. We wear test and wear test some more. It is important for me to hear feedback straight from the design teams when it comes to new fabrics and fits. I never want to put something on the line that isn’t the best quality.

What’s your favorite pair of jeans? My favorite pair of jeans I’ve ever owned are my Edgemonts in Black Shadow. I can wear them from morning to moonlight, they’re great to travel in and the double zippers give my feminine side some edge.

What city most inspires your designs? I have a love affair with London – it’s one of the places that really inspire me. In fact, my dogs’ names are London, Chelsea and Devon. At times I think I was a British rock star in my past life. I love how David Bowie and Led Zepplin dressed, and I’m personally obsessed with wearing ruffled tops, t-shirts, leather jackets and blazers with my denim.

Who are your denim style icons? Kate Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I love the British rock-n-roll vibe mixed with the L.A. model-off-duty look.

What’s the most exciting denim style right now? One of the jeans I’m excited to wear right now are my flares. Our Lou Lou’s are making a comeback and have always had a strong cult following – they’re very rock-n-roll with their slim fit all the way through the leg and then flaring out at the calf, and they make your legs look a mile long. I’m also in love with our High Rise Bell Canyon in Joannie – another flare in a vintage black wash.

What’s the denim style that you wish you could resurrect? I wish I could bring back my first pair of Paige Laurel Canyon’s – they were a light denim with the right amount of stretch and destruction that I had worn in to perfection. I took them to a wash house to copy their lived-in beauty and, unfortunately, they were never returned.

Photos: Always Wear Test Your Jeans

Paige Adams-Gellar.

Paige Denim.

Kate Moss. Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, styled by Edward Enninful.

Paige Denim.

Paige Denim.