Ease the Pain

A new seaweed-based treatment from Repêchage makes waxing relaxing.

The Repechange SeaSmooth Artisan Seaweed Wax Experience

When it comes to waxing, no pain means no gain. But Repêchage’s new treatment aims to turn a hair-raising experience into a soothing one. Created by the brand’s founder and CEO Lydia Sarfati, it includes a calming face mask, exfoliation, and pre-wax massage, and a seaweed-based wax solution that soothes skin. Gentle waxing with special high thread-count muslin also allows for maximum de-fuzzing without irritation. Finally, the technician massages the newly denuded area with a refreshing frozen version of the brand’s Skin Relief Soothing Gel, which contains aloe, cucumber, seaweed, and rooibos tea, and an application of the brand’s Triple Action Nutri Oil. Perhaps best of all, Repêchage instructs its technicians to employ a calm bedside manner throughout the process, so should you fall asleep, you know you will awake with a smile.