Sorry, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Are Most Likely Not Rebooting The Simple Life

Was their feud just a promotional stunt?

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Chris Weeks/WireImage

In the era of aughts nostalgia, everything is reboot-potential. That’s why when the internet became abuzz with chatter that longtime frenemies Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan were reviving the heiress’ aughts reality TV show The Simple Life it seemed completely believable. Never mind that Hilton has already proclaimed she isn’t up for another reality TV show, or the fact that she and Lohan’s feud has still been going strong in recent years and months. Sadly for those waiting for the two to make amends on television, the prospect of a Simple Life remake with the two has just been shut down.

A source has come forward to tell E! News that the show isn’t coming back with Hilton or Lohan, despite some cryptic tweets that got sent out today from the Twitter account for The Simple Life.

The rumor began when the account shared Hilton and her former Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie’s early promo photo along with an emoji of a pair of eyes and the hashtag #SimpleLife6. It didn’t help quiet speculation that the account seemed follow just three people; Hilton, Lohan, and Netflix. It also tweeted two emojis: one blonde and one redhead, presumably in reference to Hilton and Lohan. Then the account shared a tweet from Lohan saying she was “hard at work” on new music, with the caption, “Lohan & Hilton [theme] song.”

While one source has refuted the reboot, Hilton has shared her thoughts on bringing back her 2003-2007 show before. Back in November of 2017, she revealed that she has no interest in returning to it because it would be too hard to top the last one and, plus, she’s very busy as a DJ and musician these days. “I literally get calls every single day from every network, form every single producer in town pitching me different ideas, but I feel like The Simple Life was just so iconic and one of a kind that you can’t replicate that. I can’t see it going better than that show. My priorities are different. I’m running a huge business and I’m traveling. I don’t really have time to do a bunch of fake drama on a reality show.”

Oh well, we’ll always have the new version of The Hills.