How Paris Hilton Stays Looking Forever Young

Paris Hilton, new partner and investor in the Glam App, shares her beauty tips and tricks.


Paris Hilton is nothing if not a jack of all trades—model, DJ, singer, beauty mogul, and now tech investor. On Tuesday, it was announced that Hilton has signed on as an investor and partner to the Glam App, a mobile tool founded by hair and makeup artist Joey Maalouf. Kind of like Postmates but for beauty, it allows users to book a number of services, from hair to makeup to nails, on demand. “The Glam App is the beauty app of the future,” said Hilton. “You can have top-tier beauty artists come and get you ready. For me especially, with my busy schedule, I don’t have time to drive to a hair and nail salon before an event. It makes my life so much easier.” Of course, Hilton’s blonde locks and glossy lip has been a signature for well over a decade. Here, Hilton breaks down her new role, and shares some of her best beauty tricks.

How did you get involved with the Glam App?

I’ve been a client of the Glam App for four years. I first discovered it through a few of my friends that were using the app and tagging them on Instagram, so I downloaded it and had a full glam team at my house within an hour—and had my hair, makeup, and nails done. I thought it was the most genius idea and immediately fell in love. We eventually ended up speaking and I told them I wanted to be a partner and invest in the company. This is such an exciting project for me and I’m so pumped to be launching today.

What does your role entail at the Glam App?

I am a partner and investor, but I also help to come up with creative ideas with the team. Like the new VVIP feature that we’ve added onto the app, which is higher-tier stylists and includes my favorite glam people that I’ve personally used over the years that have joined the app. Also being the face of the Glam App and doing events for the brand. I love anything to do with tech. I love being a CEO and businesswoman, so to have this be a part of my brand is a dream come true. I’m so excited for this new chapter. It’s the perfect addition to my beauty empire because it taps into everything that I’m currently doing with beauty, tech, entertainment—it’s the perfect fit as we get to use my skin-care and beauty lines that I recently launched. Beauty is something I am very passionate about.

What are your hero looks on the app?

Joey Maalouf and I carefully chose all of my favorite looks that we always do. I wanted people to do be able to do their own Paris-vibes looks, like the “Hollywood” look with full glam, the big lashes, that Hollywood glam style that I really love. If girls are going out for a special occasion, it’s the perfect look. You can also check out the BTS videos of me getting my hero “Paris” and “Hollywood” looks on

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do?

I wake up to tons of emails and texts, and every day it’s something different. I’m either rushing to the airport or a photo shoot, or at a design meeting, or just meeting with different clients or new companies. I was in the studio last night recording two songs until 4 a.m. this morning and today I am launching the Glam App before I fly to Korea tonight! It’s been a crazy day, but that’s how my life is. I love being a boss babe.

What is your nightly bedtime beauty routine?

I only use Paris Hilton skincare, I’ll do a face mask and a hair mask before bed.

What is the best beauty trick you have picked up on set?

One trick I that picked up years ago on a photo shoot was to fill a giant bowl with bottled water and ice and dunk your face in it for as long as possible. It helps wake you up, and the ice helps with any puffiness.

What is your favorite shade of lipstick?

Paris Pink by Paris Hilton Cosmetics.

What is your go-to beauty look for a night out?

The Glam App comes over and we do a full glam look including big lashes, eyeliner, smoky eyes, contouring, glossy lips, highlighter, and sometimes even a little glitter. Depends on where I am going…but I just love that I can get glammed in the comfort of my own home.

What is your ideal spa day, and where?

My favorite spa is Nice Skincare [in Los Angeles]. I’ve been going to my facialist, Angela Nice, there for 15 years. She’s incredible. Highly recommend her!

What is the biggest skin-care rule you abide by?

My mom taught me all about the importance of skin care when I was a little girl. I’ve been using eye creams, neck creams, and serums forever. My mom’s number one rule that she enforced was to stay out of the sun and to use sun protection. As a teenager, when my friends were baking in the sun, I was that girl with a giant hat on sitting under the shade. And I am so happy that I listened to her. Thank you for the tips, Mom!

What is one treatment you’re afraid to try?

I’m terrified of needles. But I love oxygen facials, red light therapy, and gold facials.

What is your biggest beauty splurge?

When I travel to Dubai, to these hotels have that giant mega spas, on the rare occasion that I have a day off, I will go to the spa and splurge on a 24 karate gold facial and a full body massage.

What is your favorite form of self-care?

Love yourself and remember to take time for yourself. And use the Glam App.