Paris Jackson Debuts A Super Blonde New Hair Color

She ditched her brunette roots.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Paris Jackson‘s summer just got a little brighter. Yesterday, paparazzi captured photos of the model/actor leaving a salon in Los Angeles with noticeably blonder hair and a fresh blowout.

Jackson posted a selfie of her new ‘do to her Instagram Stories, along with a shoutout to stylist Nikki Lee, the beloved celebrity stylist and owner of Nine Zero One Salon, and Seama, who did her hair extensions. Her salon of choice is a favorite among celebrities, including Lauren Conrad and Sarah Hyland.

The new ‘do is a relatively simple one for Jackson, who’s been known to make adventurous changes like bleaching her hair platinum, adding streaks of red, or coloring it baby blue. It’s also a longer look for the star, who often wears a wavy lob, tricked out with feathers or hair accessories. The paparazzi shots show a middle-parted, straight blonde style with a hint of root and sharply trimmed ends. It looks like she’s even growing out her bangs.

While showing off her new look on Instagram, she captioned another photo “tomorrow the real work begins,” leaving us wondering why, exactly, Jackson chose this moment to lighten up. Could she be starting a new acting gig? Has she just landed a modeling campaign? Her long blonde hair may seem conventional—but we have a feeling Jackson has some tricks up her sleeve.

In the past, Jackson has been vocal about her desire to change beauty standards. “I really want to leave a positive imprint in the fashion world, mostly regarding the media and the stereotypical beauty standard that is blasted all over every magazine you see, every article that pops up on your phone screen, every billboard you see while you’re driving down the street,” she told Vogue Australia. “I already have many young girls looking up to me and I want to be something their parents are OK with them looking up to.”

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