New Museum Spring Gala: Sponsored by D K N Y

Dustin Yellin, Swizz Beatz at the New Museum Gala. Photo by BFA.

On Monday, Swizz Beatz was doing double tip-sheet duty, stopping by both the Tribeca Ball and the New Museum Gala. Luckily, he only had to travel between the New York Academy of Art and Spring Studios, a five-minute Uber jaunt. Dustin Yellin also managed both parties, a fact that Swizz celebrated by scooping him up in his arms for a photo opp. But how could they possibly dress for both, when the themes varied between "underwater" and "rainbow festive"? "You know what I said? I’m not going to wear all-black," said Swizz. Seems like a safe bet.

Tribes: New Museum: Downtown artists and the Art Production Fund crowd.
Tribeca Ball: Art world heavyweights and the real estate tycoons that collect them.

The duos in charge:
New Museum: Ubiquitors Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of DKNY and Public School.
Tribeca Ball: The Chows, Eva and Michael.

The A-list:
New Museum: Rashid Johnson, Thelma Golden, Francisco Costa, Yvonne Force Villareal.
Tribeca Ball: Marina Abramovic, Naomi Watts, Brooke Shields, Andre Balasz.

The It girls:
New Museum: Mia Moretti, Athena Calderone.
Tribeca Ball: Tali Lennox, Nell Diamond, Alexandra Chemla, Arden Wohl.

Swiss Beatz, Dustin Yellin

Location, location, location: New Museum: Spring Studios, home to the Michael Kors fashion show.
Tribeca Ball: New York Academy of Art, which the ball raises funds for.

The fundraising: New Museum: $2 million.
Tribeca Ball: Over $850,000.

The themes:
New Museum: "Rainbow festive," inspired by Ugo Rondinone's "Hell, Yes!" sign that once hung on the facade of the museum.
Tribeca Ball: "To the Far Horizon," meant to take guests on a journey across the seven seas.

Best dressed according to theme:
New Museum: Michael Stipe in rainbow-striped bullhorns.
Tribeca Ball: Naomi Watts in sea blue Valentino.

Number of guests: New Museum: 551
Tribeca Ball: Over 900

New Museum: Society wedding favorite, Bite.
Tribeca Ball: Downtown staple Sant Ambroeus.

New Museum: 90s hip hop pioneer (and consultant for HBO's "Vinyl") DJ Stretch Armstrong.
Tribeca Ball: Girl power duo Gillian Sagansky and Leslie Kirchoff.