Photo courtesy Pat McGrath.

A friend of mine had an unusual centerpiece on her dinner table the other night: a bowl full of tree ornaments in gorgeously intense colors, like copper, aubergine and fuchsia. She told me she got them from Michael’s Craft Store in Stamford, CT. “But they’re sold out,” she sighed. Bummer. So, it was with utter glee when I opened Phantom 002, Pat McGrath’s newest installment of super-heavily pigmented eye makeup. The kit contains McGrath’s divine Gold 002 pigment that launched her brand, as well as blue, copper and fuchsia shades and a black eye gloss with which to shine up your lids should the intense shimmer not be enough. Spazzes will appreciate the two applicator brushes and gel liner that complete the kit should fingers decide to stick with trimming the tree. Phantom goes on sale Tuesday for $240 at Pat’s website,