5 Minutes With Paulina Porizkova

The supermodel answers our questions.

Paulina Porizkova

Earlier this month, we caught up with the face of RXGenesys, Paulina Porizkova, at an exclusive preview at the New York EDITION. Here, the fashion icon shares her old-school secrets and current obsessions.

5-minute beauty routine: I put on my RXGenesys RxMoisturizer and RxIlluminator, SPF, and a little bit of cream blush.

If you had 10 more minutes, what would you do: I would use it in some hugely unproductive way like read. Reading is my favorite thing to do.

Off-label secret: At 50, I’m not so into using diaper cream on my face anymore, or butter for makeup removal. That’s in the old days. I use a No. 2 pencil yellow school pencil for my eyebrows. Way Bandy taught me that.

Earliest beauty memory: When I was very little, my mom had this super blonde fluffy hair and would wear pale pink lipstick and that whole ’60s thing. Much later on when I discovered who Marilyn Monroe was, I thought she looked a bit like her.

Biggest beauty blunder: Being alive in the ’80s.

What product do you just not get: I pretty much get everything. Done right, anything can look good. It’s really more of a question of what is applied where, to whom, at what time, and why.

Beauty pet peeve: Eyebrows! So many people go around with eyebrows looking like sperm, and foundation that ends on the face.

Beauty professional that you can’t live without: Shari Auth, my masseuse/acupuncturist who I work with a lot on my anxiety and migraines.