Pedro Almodovar Gets Really Excited

pedro almodovar i'm so excited

Pedro Almodovar I'm So Excited

What: A Cinema Society and Girard-Perregaux-hosted screening of I’m So Excited!, a new film by Pedro Almodóvar that strands a cast of oddball characters on an ill-fated plane ride from Madrid to Mexico. Cognizant of their possibly impending doom (the plane’s landing gear has been damaged), the flight’s crew and passengers take an honest look at their lives, through the haze of tequila shots, sleeping pills, sex, and drugs, but not necessarily in that order.

When: June 6.

© Patrick McMullan

Who: In an introduction to the film, Almodóvar explained the movie’s title: “Being excited means being horny [in Spanish].” He was joined by Blanca Suarez (one of the film’s stars), Rose Byrne, Marc Jacobs, Patricia Clarkson, Calvin Klein, Kathleen Turner and Parker Posey.

Where: After the screening at the Landmark Sunshine Theater, guests braved the rain to make the after-party at No. 8, where they were greeted with—what else?—generous tequila shots.

Why: If flying makes you anxious, you might want to take a Xanax before watching this film. But it’s hard to resist an Almodóvar romp. And as he put it, “I hope you enjoy this movie, and, if not, blame it on the subtitles.” Touché.

Photos: Patrick McMullan