Philippe Starck (at right) and Richard Branson

There’s no escaping Philippe Starck these days—not on the ground, in the air or at sea. In addition to his countless designs for hotels and restaurants around the world and his spaceship concept for Richard Branson, the ubiquitous megadesigner is said to have created a revolutionarily eco-friendly—and discreet!—megayacht for a mysterious Russian mathematician. Due to be unveiled this spring, the boat uses new technology that supposedly allows it to appear almost invisible on the water and leave almost no wake. (No word yet on how many miles to the gallon it gets.) Meanwhile, Starck has also been busy redesigning a Majorca marina, Port Adriano.

Image: Branson: Peter Brooker/Rex Usa; Starck: Schneider Press/Sipa; Steering Wheel: China Photos/Getty Images